The benefits of Employbrand

Keep to your marketing budget

From growing competition to new algorithms, there are several reasons why you’re spending more and more on advertising. How do you stop this trend? With Employbrand, of course. Transform your employees into ambassadors and unleash the power of referrals. For a fraction of the cost.

Lower costs, more reach

Go for organic

The best things in life are free. You don’t have to spend a cent for your vacancies to spread organically through your employees’ networks. And that collective network is probably much bigger than you realise. That means more reach for less ad spend. Join the revolution and take the step from paid to earned .

New roads

Wean yourself from job boards

Job boards certainly serve their purpose. They just have two downsides. One: prices have risen sharply due to the tight labor market. And two: they mainly reach active job seekers – who make up just 11% of the labor market. The other 89%? You’ll find them in your employees’ networks, among other places. Conclusion? A smart job marketer looks beyond the well-known job boards .

A better choice

Reward your employees instead of Mark Zuckerberg

Is Employbrand completely free? No, of course not. It’ works on a monthly subscription fee that is in our opinion fair and affordable. Check out our pricing here to see if you agree. The only other cost is remunerating your employees who enthusiastically commit themselves as brand ambassadors. You decide how much you spend here. But ask yourself. What’s more fun: transferring even more cash to the social media giants, or putting your own people in the spotlight?

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