Ambassadorship vs. Referral Recruitment: The Secret to Successful Recruitment

Ambassadorship and Referral recruitment go hand in hand, but it is critical that organizations focus on ambassadorship in the first place. Why?


Too often Referral recruitment programs get stranded in organizations. Initially, colleagues are enthusiastically urged to search their networks for potential candidates for open positions. In reality, this usually leads to a handful of colleagues who happen to know someone, while the rest come to the conclusion that they can't suggest anyone. Game over. End of the exercise.


Referral recruitment is often seen as a "finite game" by employees, whereas ambassadorship is actually an "infinite game. You can be an ambassador of positive events within the organization at any time. Sharing posts, news and job opportunities is something you can do constantly, regardless of the size or quality of your network.


The result of this ambassadorship is, you guessed it, an increase in referral candidates. After all, if colleagues regularly post great posts about working at your organization, friends and acquaintances in their network will also notice. A conversation during a birthday or at the sports club about work is then quickly started.


In short; start promoting ambassadorship by colleagues. It is the key to achieving your goal: more referral candidates.

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