Make your
medewerkers een
magneet voor
nieuw talent.

Each and every one of your employees has a valuable network behind them. With Employbrand you can make maximum use of this. Want to boost the reach of your employers? And attract talent that will have an instant connection with your company DNA? Employbrand makes it fun and easy.

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What exactly
is Employbrand?

Een online tool die zorgt dat je medewerkers twee dingen gaan doen: 1) nieuwe kandidaten aandragen en 2) de mooie dingen delen die in je organisatie gebeuren.

Hoe? Door dit super simpel en aantrekkelijk voor ze te maken. Elke medewerker een ambassadeur, dat is dé kracht van Employbrand. Want het eerlijke verhaal van je mensen is wat talent inspireert om voor je kiezen. Vergroot ook eenvoudig jouw aantrekkingskracht op de arbeidsmarkt.

Your talent recruits

More referral candidates

It's no longer a secret: referral recruiting is gold. The candidates that your own people recommend match (much) better and stay with you (much) longer. And you’ll spend (much) less on recruitment!

Proven results

That's what you want. We can safely say that referral via Employbrand has now proven itself. Our users do up to 40% (!) of their recruitment this way. Do you also want a constant stream of referral candidates?

Fun and rewards

Want to know why Employbrand provides multiple candidates? Because it rewards every referral effort. Exactly how it does this is up to you: choose a reward that suits your organization and budget, and gamify the process. Research and practice show that this drastically improves results.

Follow up

Making sure the project is a succes is only half the job... Ensuring everybody knows what’s happening is just as important. Employbrand makes it easy to accurately follow-up on referral candidates, and to give feedback to the ambassador. With our clear tracking system you won't miss a thing. Prefer to keep track of everything in your ATS? No problem – we combine with almost all systems.

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"Together with our ambassadors, we are building a strong employer brand"

"Our ambassadors dedicate themselves to spreading the positive aspects of mental health care."

Carla Jacobs

Senior Communication Advisor, GGZ Oost Brabant
"Colleagues are excited about sharing posts on their socials"

"Employbrand makes it really easy for our colleagues to share posts about EDSN on their socials."

Nadine Biegstraaten

Communication Advisor EDSN
Impossible to miss

Increase your
online presence

It’s no secret that clients and candidates choose what they know. Employbrand means increased visibility – no matter how big or small your organization is. Discover how incredibly valuable your employees' networks can be.

Easy does it

The less effort something takes, the more often it happens. That's why sharing via Employbrand is super, super easy. Ambassadors can share messages or vacancies on their socials with just one click.

Expand your reach

Do you know the idea behind six degrees of separation? It means that all people on Earth are six (or fewer) connections apart. Use this to your advantage and start reaping the rewards now…

Your honest story

In a world where the number of competing messages continues to rise, authenticity is more important than ever. People are looking for the real story of your organization. With Employbrand they’ll find it through your employees.

Hoe zit het?

Questions you
may have by now

Employbrand makes it easy for employees to act as ambassadors for your organization. This strengthens your position in the (labour) market. Ambassadors can easily share jobs and messages, submit message ideas and suggest referral candidates.

It leverages the social networks of your employees to make your vacancies – and your employer brand in general – more visible. Your referral acquisitions are guaranteed to increase.

Employbrand can be used by organizations with approximately 50 employees all the way up to organizations with more than 20,000 employees.

Employbrand is delivered in the look and feel of your organization. You also have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the design. For example, when determining the remuneration of ambassador efforts, the design of the gift shop and the creation of teams / departments.

Employbrand is available in Dutch and English. Do you want the app in other languages? Let’s chat!

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